Golden House

Family di Rispoli Marco
Address: Via Castagnone 15, 84060 Mercato Cilento Sa
Telephone: 0039/3460335698
e-mail address:

In the heart of Italy in the golden shine of the sun you can find the beautiful location Mercato Cilento.
In a fantastic scenery aloft the busy beach in the middle of a nature protection area there is the charming particular hotel „Golden House“. This Hotel with a special familiar atmosphere is managed by the family Rispoli Marco. The opening was Easter 2015.

Location of Mercato

You reach your new residence by car or by plane. If you choose the plane, you will arrive at the airport Naples. There you can rent a car, so you are capable of making a lot of extensive excursions during your stay at this magnificent resort.

However you prefer: the calmness of the mountains or the seaside with the clearly water, or exploring the coast of Amalfi or experiencing the real italian city-life in Naples (time of travel 2 hours by car) - with a booking in the „Golden House“ you have a central and familiar starting point.